SmarterMarkets™ Presents brings you exclusive interviews from the IETA North America Climate Summit.

At this September’s Climate Week in New York City, we partnered with IETA to interview a wide-range of carbon market participants. During this pivotal year in carbon markets, we wanted to discuss their perspectives on where we are and what we need to do next to harness the power of markets to make net-zero possible.

SmarterMarkets™ host David Greely sat down with these guests to talk about how carbon markets support their strategy for climate action; how this year’s challenges to operationalize the Article 6 markets, as well as this year’s challenges to the reputation and growth of the voluntary carbon markets, are affecting their strategies; and what they see as the most important ideas being discussed at the Climate Summit this year.

Table of Contents

Goulnara Aguiar – CEO & Founder, Ormex Standard

David Antonioli – Independent Advisor & Former CEO of Verra

Dinesh Babu – Executive Director, Climate Action Data Trust

Matt Beckwith – Sr. Advisor, Varda Ag

Lisa DeMarco – Senior Partner & CEO at Resilient and Chair of the Board of Directors at IETA

Max DuBuisson – VP of Sustainability Policy & Engagement, Indigo Ag

Juan Durán – Executive Director, EcoRegistry

Leslie Durschinger – Founder, CEO, & CIO at Terra Global Capital

Lars Kroijer – Founder & Managing Director, Allied Offsets

Lars Kvale – VP of Market Solutions, Chia Network

Melissa Lindsay – Founder & CEO at Emsurge & Emstream

Ingo Puhl – Co-Founder & Managing Director, Southeast Asia at South Pole

Rick Saines – Managing Director, Pollination

Dominique Strasdin – Head of Business Development, Vertree

Ana Carolina Avzaradel Szklo – Technical Director, Markets and Standards, VCMI

Svenja Telle – Director of Origination, Base Carbon

Ranting on the inadequacies of our systems and riffing on ideas for how to solve them …

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