Matt Atwood, Co-Founder & CEO, Aircapture

We continue Carbon Frontiers 2024 this week with Matt Atwood, Co-Founder & CEO at Aircapture. David Greely sits down with Matt to discuss how they’re developing their air capture technology into an effective and scalable solution by commercializing atmospheric CO2. Hosted By

Talal Debs, Founder & CEO, Zefiro Methane Corp.

This week on Carbon Frontiers 2024, we welcome Talal Debs, Founder & CEO of Zefiro Methane Corp., into the SmarterMarkets™ studio. Host David Greely sits down with Talal to discuss Zefiro’s work to stop methane emissions by plugging orphaned and abandoned oil and gas wells in the U.S. – and how they use carbon markets […]

Peter Zaman, Partner, HFW Singapore

This week on our Carbon Frontiers series, we welcome Peter Zaman back into the SmarterMarkets™ studio. Peter is a Partner at HFW in Singapore and has been practicing law in climate finance and the environmental markets since 2004. One year after Peter took us deep into Article 6, we’re circling back to discuss the progress […]

Susannah Pierce, President & Country Chair, Shell Canada

How do carbon markets work for end user? How can carbon credits work in tandem with emissions reduction and carbon removal technologies to achieve net-zero? This Saturday on SmarterMarkets™, Dave Greely sits down with the Country Chair and GM of Renewables and Energy of Shell Canada, Susannah Pierce, to explore how corporate netzero pledges are […]

Norman Wray, Former Governor Galapagos Islands

How can we quantify the impacts of carbon emissions on a region like the galapagos islands and what steps can be taken to offset these emissions?  Norman Wray, former president of the governing council of the Galapagos Islands joins us this week to discuss the implications of tourism and its carbon footprint on one of […]

Neil McDougall, Chairman, DelAgua Group

A lack of understanding of carbon projects, their efficacy and reporting methods has contributed greatly to what we’ve dubbed ‘carbon confusion’ for ESG minded investors and corporations — specifically concerning the generation and verification of carbon credits. Neil McDougall, Chairman of DelAgua Group, shares a Saturday morning with David Greely to explore carbon markets through the […]

David Shukman, Journalist and Former Science Editor, BBC

David Shukman, Journalist and Former Science Editor of BBC, takes David Greely to the front lines of the climate crisis to illustrate the imminent need for effective carbon markets. Join us as he shares insight from over three decades of climate coverage at BBC — with a focus on the power of human ingenuity. Download […]

Phil Hardwick, CEO, HCBL

Phil Hardwick, CEO of HCBL, joins host David Greely to kick off our podcast series Demystifying the Carbon Markets. Phil sets the stage and shares the benefits of his more than 15 years of experience in the environmental and carbon markets, working with both carbon project developers and investors to bring investment capital to high […]

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