Catherine Flax, President of Private Markets, X Machina Capital Strategies

We wrap up The Future of Energy this week with Catherine Flax, President of Private Markets at X Machina Capital Strategies. David Greely sits down with Catherine to discuss transforming today’s oil and gas assets and energy market infrastructure to meet the needs of a more sustainable energy future. Hosted By

Eirik Wærness, SVP & Chief Economist, Equinor

On our second installment of The Future of Energy, we welcome Eirik Wærness, Senior Vice President & Chief Economist at Equinor, into the SmarterMarkets™ studio. David Greely sits down with Eirik to discuss Equinor’s recently published Energy Perspectives 2024 – and how whether we build walls or bridges will decide our energy future. Hosted By

Tom L. Ward, CEO, Mach Natural Resources

This week, we kick off our new series, The Future of Energy, with Tom L. Ward. Tom is CEO of Mach Natural Resources. SmarterMarkets™ host David Greely sits down with Tom to discuss his work at Chesapeake in pioneering the US shale boom and oil and gas renaissance – and how his work laid the […]

Talal Debs, Founder & CEO, Zefiro Methane Corp.

This week on Carbon Frontiers 2024, we welcome Talal Debs, Founder & CEO of Zefiro Methane Corp., into the SmarterMarkets™ studio. Host David Greely sits down with Talal to discuss Zefiro’s work to stop methane emissions by plugging orphaned and abandoned oil and gas wells in the U.S. – and how they use carbon markets […]

Helima Croft, Managing Director & Global Head of Commodity Strategy, RBC Capital Markets

On this week’s installment of our Summer Playlist, we welcome Helima Croft back into the SmarterMarkets™ studio. Helima is Managing Director and Global Head of Commodity Strategy at RBC Capital Markets. SmarterMarkets™ host David Greely sits down with Helima to discuss the geopolitics and current state of play in the global commodities markets. Helima’s Summer […]

Michel Marks, Former Chairman, NYMEX

We continue our Days of Futures Past series with Michel Marks, the former chairman of the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX). SmarterMarkets™ host David Greely sits down with Michel to discuss the creation of the modern energy futures markets. Download full transcript → Hosted By

Arjun Murti, Former Head of Energy Equity Research, Goldman Sachs

To close out our When Markets Break series, SmarterMarkets host David Greely sits down with Arjun Murti, the Former Head of Energy Equity Research at Goldman Sachs and the publisher of Super-Spiked on Substack. David and Arjun discuss the July 2008 spike in WTI crude oil prices to a record high of $147 a barrel and their subsequent collapse.

Arjun Murti Takes a Macro Look at the Path to Renewable Energy

On the second of a three-part series on the great energy transition, co-host Todd Buchholz, former Director of Economic Policy at the White House, sits down with Arjun Murti. Arjun Murti is an energy macro and equity analyst, advisor and director at Warburg Pincus, Center on Global Energy Policy and ConocoPhillips. Hosted By

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