Ann Rosenberg, SVP Sustainability at Wood

On this week’s episode of Smarter Markets, the first hosted by Abaxx Exchange Chief Economist David Greely, we welcome back Ann Rosenberg, SVP of Sustainability at Wood, and Member of World Economic Forum’s Advisory Network on Climate. As the world’s economies begin to reopen and embrace the post-pandemic era, the energy industry is at a […]

Jacquelyn Horton, Dropbox Foundation, Dropbox for Good

On part four of our five-part series on the role of digital innovation in advancing the ESG economy, Michelle Dennedy will sit down with Jacquelyn Horton, Social Impact and Sustainability Manager at Dropbox for a fascinating exchange on the role of digital innovation in advancing the ESG Economy. Jacquelyn manages the Dropbox Foundation, Dropbox for […]

Gajen Kandiah, CEO, Hitachi Vantara

Gajen leads Hitachi Vantara’s 11,000 employees with a focus on leveraging the company’s digital infrastructure, software, and services to meet the business and cultural transformational needs of his clients; and help them contribute to the advancement of a more inclusive and sustainable future.  Prior to joining Hitachi Vantara, Gajen spent 15 years at Cognizant, where […]

Ranting on the inadequacies of our systems and riffing on ideas for how to solve them …

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